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What I offer

I help the body to get back to being balanced and function as it should do. Reflexologists do not claim to cure any conditions, we purely use gentle massage-like and relaxing techniques on feet to treat the symptoms and the whole body to improve wellbeing and to relieve both physical and emotional issues, illness or discomfort.

People choose reflexology for the benefits it brings, to increase levels of energy, boost circulation, for pain relief, reduce symptoms of issues like poor digestion and lymph drainage, to help muscle aches, migraines, headaches and lack of sleep. Each treatment is bespoke to suit each client.

Perfect for all ages, reflexology naturally calms the nervous system and induces relaxation, helping to combat the effects of stress and anxiety, which are often the triggers for illness.

Reflexology in Maidenhead

I offer foot, facial and auricular (ear) reflexology. I am also trained in Reflexology Lymph Drainage techniques, to work with pregnant women and on babies and in Indian Head massage.  Your treatment can be one of these or a combination.  Facial reflexology has double benefits of improving your wellbeing as well as increasing lymphatic flow and blood to the face, naturally stimulating collagen and elastin production which helps your face look less stressed, softer and glowing. I follow the well-known Ziggi Bergman Method based on zone therapy.

I received a facial reflexology treatment from Lisa and was blown away by the results! I have never experienced such a deep state of relaxation and, whilst Lisa only worked on my face, I could feel the energy of the treatment as subtle vibrations all over my body. Immediately following the treatment I felt incredibly calm and clear headed and this sense of wellbeing lasted for a good 48hrs. My skin and face also looked amazing post treatment. I cannot rate both Lisa and her facial reflexology techniques highly enough and would encourage everyone to give this treatment a go. Carly 2022


I am a fully qualified, insured reflexologist offering  reflexology for adults and children either in your own home or in my treatment room in Bray.  Whether you are looking for support for an existing health condition, to reduce your stress levels or a bit of pampering to relax, I will create a specific treatment for you.  I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists and continue with CPD.

My particular interests lie in stress and relaxation. Too many times I hear and see the effects of stress on people’s health. Not really a surprise when you look at how we seem to live with stress day in and day out, and cope with many demands and worries.  Working within the commercial world and in large corporates for many years I have worked under high levels of stress and have recognised others trying to cope with the effects of stress and anxiety.

I chose to take a different path to practice reflexology, and seeing the difference I have been able to make to people's wellbeing has reinforced my drive to help people deal with the effects of stress on their body and mind. 

Reflexology in Maidenhead
Misty Slopes
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My approach is to provide you with the best, bespoke holistic reflexology that suits you.  I am calm, approachable and totally focused on what is best for you.  My life experiences have made me open and easy to be with. Rest assured, our discussions are confidential.

I have been struggling with the early signs of the menopause for a few months now. Lisa's treatments have not only helped give me a sense of well being, but a general lift in my mood and the feeling of being more central and in control. The sense of bloating seems less and I feel less heavy as I leave.  Thank you, I know the road ahead for all of this can be difficult for us women, but truly believe that reflexology helps immensely with the journey. Client 2021

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